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Where do they live?
Grey squirrels mainly reside in woodland areas but are a common resident of urban areas where it lives in parks and gardens and wherever there are trees and a source of food. Occasionally squirrels will enter roof spaces of houses and other buildings by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees.

Why control them?
Generally squirrels are not a threat to humans, but the damage caused by them once they have entered a roof space can be expensive to rectify. The Red squirrel is protected and is unlikely to be encountered locally. The Grey squirrel, however is a serious pest in some situations, causing a great deal of damage to woodland stripping bark from the trees and eating fruit, cereals and vegetables in parks and gardens. Squirrels gaining access to roof spaces can cause serious damage to timber, wiring and plumbing with resulting risk of fire and flood, from their gnawing. Squirrels are known to chew woodwork and ceilings, strip the insulation from electrical wires, and tear up loft insulation.

How do I know if I have squirrels?
Squirrels nesting in your attic will make scratching noises which can be heard during the day and at night time. Visible signs include torn loft insulation, chewed wires and squirrel droppings, which vary in shape and colour depending on the diet, and are spherical, similar to those of rats. Bird feeders are a great attraction to squirrels, with easy access to food.

Pest Treatment
Control is achieved by trapping with cage or spring traps, poisoning and in some cases shooting. As part of any treatment where squirrels have gained access to a property I will advise on point of entry and preventative measures including proofing against access. If you require assistance in neutralising a squirrel problem or want to proof your premises against squirrels, contact Best4Pests for professional squirrel control
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